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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    We hope that we've answered your question here - but if we missed something, just email us at or fill out our form on the contact page.

    What does do?
    We provide quality long distance telephone service at good rates. We give you the power to manage your own account online, making the whole process transparent while cutting down overhead costs, allowing us to pass the savings on to you.

    Does that mean that I can't talk to a real person for help?
    Not at all. You can call us for any queries on 1-877-553-3108. We are available "Customer support: 9 am to 5 pm EST " . Our aim is to give you the power to control your account with the support that you need to feel confident about it.

    How can I use my account?
    If you are calling from a registered phone, dial the access number and it will prompt you to enter a destination number, if you are calling from a phone that is not registered to your account you will be prompted to enter your pin number and then the destination number. Whenever you make a call, our switch will note the cost of the call in your account, and update your credit balance.

    When do I get charged on my credit card?
    You will be charged when you purchase a product after you have logged into 'My account' using your email address and password. Your credit card is charged every time you recharge you account. If you have opted for automatic recharge service your credit card will be charged every time your account falls below your preset low balance amount you have selected from your 'My account' option. Customers who have opted for automatic recharge will not have to manually recharge their accounts when their account balance's run low.

    How do I change information about my account?
    When you sign up, we will send you an email giving you all the information you need to get to your personal web page. You can log in from any page on's website as well. Once you are at your 'My Account', you can adjust any of your personal information, change your payment method, recharge your account manually, and view lots of detailed information about your account.

    Do you sell my personal information?
    No. We store your personal information in a privately secured environment that is unavailable to the public. We do not sell information to third parties. View our privacy policy.

    What happens if I forget my password?
    When you login, you will see a link saying "forgot your password?" we will prompt you to enter your 'email address' and 'Last Name', once you 'email address' and 'Last Name' are validated, we will ask you to answer your pre-selected question. If answered correctly, we will email your password to your email address automatically(click here to go there).

    What happens if I can't remember my PIN?
    You can find it in your personal page, there is a View PIN option to view your access number and your pin under Manage Your Account.

    What information can I see about past orders online?
    You're my orders tab in My Account will show you all past orders made to your account for the past 3 months.

    Does work from a rotary phone?
    No. You will need a touch-tone phone to use our service.

    Can I use if I have Caller ID blocking?
    Yes. You can use our services from any touch-tone telephone even if you have Caller ID blocking. PINless dial feature may not work as identity of originating telephone is unknown to the system. In such event system may ask for 10 digit PIN to access your account.

    How many telephone numbers can I register with my account for PINLESS dialing?
    You can register upto 'Seven' phone numbers.

    Can I use from a payphone?
    Yes. However, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) allows companies that operate payphones to attach a surcharge for their services. Such "operator charges" are typically assessed if you use a public payphone, a hotel phone, or a phone in a college dorm. We do not make any extra money when you use these phones - we simply pay the fees that are charged to us for your usage. The charges are @ $0.89 per call.

    How is usage calculated?
    We use the actual call length to calculate your usage, the minimum call length is calculated at 60 sec.

    Are promotional/discount offers valid on recharges?
    Any promotional/discount offers is applicable to first time buyers and their first purchase only unless otherwise specified.

    If I use up my credit amount, is my call disconnected?
    Yes. However, if you have opted for the automatic recharge service we will add the amount you have specified as your 'recharge amount' when your balance falls below your automatic recharge level. The account will recharged after you disconnect the call i.e. if your minimum level is $3.00 for auto-recharge and you have completed your call with balance at $1.00, your account will show the recharged amount (specified by you in 'My accounts') plus $1.00. In event when you have completed call and have used up all your credit i.e. $0.0, your account will be recharged to the amount specified by you in 'My account'. whenever a recharge fails, we will notify you via email of the problem and request that you change your payment method. If you have one minute of call time remaining while you are on a call, you will be notified that, 'You have one minute left for the call'. This notification will only be heard by you, the person you are talking to will not hear this notification. When the minute is up, your call will be terminated.

    Can I use to make calls from other countries?
    No. We will be coming out with new feature which would allow you to call from designated countries at later stage.

    Do I need to tell my current long distance carrier or my local phone company that I'm going to use
    No. Because you use's service through a toll-free number, you do not need to tell your phone company that you are using, and you don't have to cancel or change your current long distance carrier.

    How to use One Touch India services from Cell phone?
    1.Dial our access number 1-888-913CLUB (1-888-9132582) and wait for the welcome message followed by account balance.
    2. Dial destination number, for example 01191222xxxxxxx
    3. After dialling the number do not press SEND or CALL button.
    4. Prior to hearing the ring back you will hear ?Thanks you for using one touch India, please hold on while we connect your call, you have xx hours yy minutes for your call?
    5. If you do not hear above message and get connected directly means you have pressed SEND or CALL button after dialling the destination number and your call is now connected via your cellular provider and not via One Touch India. Disconnect the call immediately.
    6. One Touch India does not take any responsibility if your dial the international number directly and you receive bill from your cellular provider.

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