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The One Touch Benefits
Seeing the OneTouch difference is easy. One Touch India pairs the best calling features with tier-1 call quality to bring you the most dependable India calling services.
  • All service from our website
  • No need to remember PINS
  • Automatic dialing from your Home, Work or cell number. You can register up to 7 numbers from where PINLESS dialing will work.
  • Automatic instant PIN recharge option. Your account will be funded automatically upon reaching a threshold dollar value by the preset amount.
  • See details of calls made 24x7.
  • Excellent clarity and voice reception
  • Call routing on dedicated circuits NOT ON VOIP
  • One minute rounding
  • 24X7 customer service. A live agent always available.
  • Call mobile number or landline at the same rate. (For calls to India only)
  • No annual contracts. No lock in.
  • No connection charges. No maintenance fee charges. Not a bait and switch scheme.
  • Loyalty Rewards and promotions from time to time.
  • Bonus minutes.
  • Start an account and carry a plan with you from India when traveling to USA.
  • Same account can be used for domestic long distance calling within United States as well as any other country in the world.

To learn more about our calling plans or to signup for a One Touch India calling plan, please select the plan below:

To learn more about our calling plans or to signup for a One Touch India calling plan, please select the plan below:
Service Features overview..
No Switching Necessary
When you sign up you will receive a 1-800 access number and an account number. This means that you can use our services from any phone without having to change your existing Long Distance Carrier or you can cancel your long distance service altogether!
Use From Any Phone
You can use OTI from any touch-tone phone, including your cell phone, anywhere in the continental US!
Use While Traveling
You can save with our service plans from any pay phone or hotel phone across the country. Just dial the 1-800 Access number, your account and pin number and enjoy the savings with no additional fees. Payphone charge of $0.89 applies.
No Hidden Charges!
There are no access fees or connection fees associated with One Touch India Long Distance Service.
Pinless Access
OTI offers the convenience of ANI (caller-id) recognition so you do not have to enter a PIN each time you make a call. You can program up to four Pin less Access Numbers on our website. Anytime you place a call from these numbers, you only have to dial the access number and phone number that you wish to call.
Make Multipe Calls Easily
If you need to make more than one call don't hang-up, just press # twice, and enter the new number (or speed dial number and #).
Immediate Balance Information & Automatic Account Recharge!
The system reads you your balance as well as the number of minutes you have each time you place a call.

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